The multifunctional sports complex in Krasnodar

The sports complex is constructed in the Northern part of Russia-Krasnodar on Dzerzhinsky street. Given for construction of more than 40 hectares of land.

The multifunctional sports complex will consist of several buildings. It will open three indoor swimming pools, skating-rink on two ice arenas, basket-hall, nine specialized training halls. The total area of all levels of the complex - 14,5 thousand square meters.

The appearance of such a sports complex will allow to conduct in the territory of the international fencing, diving, swimming, hockey, figure skating and other sports. The estimated cost of construction is more than three billion rubles. The construction is planned to finish till the end of 2011.

Multifunctional sport complex "basket-hall" is designed for games in team sports, all kinds of athletic and gymnastic competitions and training. A games room includes two arenas, one of them will be located in the main building with a Seating capacity of 7500 seats and a training hall with sliding a Seating capacity of 500 seats.

The building's hall there will be two large volume: the main body and the corps training hall, which will connect the four-level transition.

The building of the main building is a monolithic skeleton and overlapping with a span in the most remote points and points of support along the shaft. Training hall is a three level building with administrative and storage rooms.

The swimming pool will be located in three-story building.

Indoor skating rink with artificial ice is part of the sports complex. It includes the main arena for hockey rink with stands for 3450 seats and a training arena with seats for 850 spectators. When designing the possibility of using of halls for concerts.

Complex training halls with administrative and household premises includes two double-height hall: the sports hall and the hall for athletic gymnastics and jumping on the trampoline height of 11 meters and an area of 53 sq. meters each. On the second floor will house with six rooms: wrestling and Boxing total area 1665 sq.m, fencing, artistic gymnastics total area 1656 sq m and a height of 7 meters each, as well as weight-lifting room, and a gym with height of 4 meters and an area of 404 sq m Complex training rooms will be single arched volume in two floors with rising volumes floors over the training rooms and conference hall.